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Fachgruppe BeeTEAM Imkerei


Our bees fly for return aid


The BeeTEAM represents the perspective-oriented and cross-national return assistance in the context of dual vocational training.

With the appropriate know-how, beekeeping can be established quickly. Beekeepers do not need land ownership and produce products that can be marketed profitably all over the world. In addition, bees make an important contribution to food security and global biodiversity conservation by pollinating crops and wild plants.


The hands-on training is based on beekeeping practice in Switzerland. In addition to providing a long-term livelihood, the knowledge imparted is also intended to contribute to the development of refugees and late-arrivals in their countries of origin.

Our vocational trainers hold the beekeeper's certificate or are in training for it. They also have many years of experience and training in the context of international cooperation.


Joining the BeeTEAM is possible for participants of the Dual-Intent and Return programs.


As part of the BeeTEAM, we offer the following services:


  • Honey Bee Courses & Workshops

  • Pollination services in agricultural crops

  • We support beekeepers with our team of extractors

  • We help with beehive plans renovation work

  • We support the GreenTEAM in hedge maintenance

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