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Fachgruppe Greenteam


Comitted to nature and the green professions - professional, flexible, reliable


The training spectrum in our GreenTEAM is very diverse and broadly designed, ranging from vegetable cultivation and harvesting to ecological landscape maintenance on behalf of the canton and municipalities.

In the practical training, participants plant, tend and harvest food. They learn about different cultivation techniques, plants and ecological contexts.

As part of ecological landscape management, participants improve habitats and promote biodiversity - for example by creating amphibian ponds or thorn hedges. They also devote themselves to monitoring and combating neobiotes.



Joining the GreenTEAM is possible for participants of our Dual-Intent and Inclusion programs.


As part of the GreenTEAM, we offer the following services:

Trennlinie neu FAFAFA.png

Simon van der Veer,

The GreenTEAM supports us in planting, cultivating and harvesting various vegetable crops, especially sweet potatoes. Our brand "Batati" is also based on this joint cooperation.

We greatly appreciate the flexibility, dedication and commitment of the team. This type of cooperation has exemplary character. We can clearly recommend the cooperation with GreenTEAM.

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