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GreenTEAM Root & Branch


We work and act as transcultural vocational trainers committed to the labour inclusion of the long-term unemployed, especially refugees. As vocational trainers without borders, we are also skilled in outreach work and international cooperation.

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Vocational training without borders

Switzerland's dual VET system is a successful model by global standards, and is based on the principle of inclusion. It is implementable, perspective-oriented and sustainable and does not end at regional or national borders.

We are committed to ensuring that this system is already used at a non-formal level for the vocational inclusion of the long-term unemployed and refugees, whether for the purpose of long-term integration into the work processes in Switzerland or abroad.

Duale VET as a success model for migration

The history of humankind can always be understood as a history of migration. Migration has supported the process of global economic growth, contributed to the development of states and societies and has always enriched cultures.

The Swiss economy relies specifically on the innovative strength and performance of its dual VET system. Historically, Switzerland's current educational system is a migration success model that has contributed to the success and reputation of many professions since the Middle Ages with the Walz, the traditional period of travel that craftspeople undertook upon completion of their apprenticeship when they officially become journeymen.

In our specialist groups, we therefore live the classic apprenticeship system of basic vocational education and training. As part of the work of the specialist groups, we allow refugees to arrive in the Swiss working culture. Long-term unemployed and refugees receive on-the-job training in our specialist groups, which increases their employability and prepares them step by step for a follow-up solution in the inclusion network of our partner companies in the primary labour market.

Inclusion, innovation and economic impact

While the integration approach aims to assimilate minorities into a majority society, the inclusion approach is about making diversity work in a social system.

Diversity is an essential prerequisite for the stability of any system and an important driver for innovation and economic success. Thanks to the inclusion approach, we are always discovering new resources, can use synergies and promote
innovative potential.

Inclusion & return assistance

Inclusion and return

To implement our vision, we have developed a transcultural inclusion concept based on the principle of dual vocational education and training.

We are convinced that through dual VET, refugees are valuable future resource carriers for Switzerland as a business location. Thanks to our integration concept, refugees who are willing or obliged to leave the country can become economic drivers in their country of origin or a nearby safe third country.



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