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Batati Süsskartoffeln Greenteam

The specialist group represents the company as a place of training. The participants perform work assignments according to a flexible work plan and are paid for their effort.


Our specialist groups GreenTEAM, BeeTEAM and AdminTEAM serve as an introduction and initial guide to some of the 240 professions that can be learned in Switzerland.

The opportunity to do a pre-apprenticeship in a specialist group gives younger people in particular the chance of a later apprenticeship or employment in one of our partner organizations in the inclusion network.

The participants are trained by qualified vocational trainers with years of experience in their professional fields.

As a place of social and operational learning, we also live
innovation in our specialist groups. In addition to communicating the values of Swiss work culture, we also develop transcultural approaches to current issues through mutual exchange, or rediscover and further develop knowledge and techniques that were thought to be lost.

Within the framework of our specialist groups we offer various services for companies and individuals.

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