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Innovation Hub Refugees go Solar


Offers for RAV, IV, social services and authorities

Many employable people are affected by long-term unemployment and are considered difficult to place in the primary labor market due to limitations, age and/or lack of language and school skills (migration background). For the relevant departments of this target group,we develop holistic support services, vocational (re)integration programmes and niche jobs in Switzerland and abroad with our partners in the Inclusion Network.

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The Innovation Hub is a platform for innovation projects in the field of work inclusion and perspective-oriented return assistance, which we design and develop in cooperation with long-term unemployed people and our broad network of partner organisations.

Holistic support services


Due to our transcultural approach, we value the experience of migrants. We promote synergies and new ideas, which we then develop further in terms of inclusion and return and implement in a perspective-oriented manner.

The project Mwalimu is representative of a transcultural approach to language support for the long-term professional integration of the long-term unemployed.


Vocational (re)integration for FastRunners in the primary labour market

We are also constantly looking for new ways with our partner companies as part of vocational integration for our target group. Our so-called FastRunner programs help to counteract the shortage of labor in certain occupational sectors and support our partners in promoting young talent.

The FastRunner programs offer qualified participants in our programs EducAID and ParticipAID the opportunity to further their education externally with one of our partner organizations and thus network professionally on a longer-term basis.

In collaboration with Solafrica, we have developed the Refugee go Solar+ (RGS+) program. Additional FastRunner programs in various other professional sectors are under development.

berufliche Inklusion RGS+
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Offers for students of universities of applied sciences

Our programs and offers combine the approaches of international cooperation, outreach, professional practice, and the principle of dual vocational education. For students from universities of applied sciences and educational colleges, Root & Branch offers numerous opportunities during and after their studies to gain professional experience and to design, initiate and implement research and development projects.

Green Care for the work integration of refugees based on the example of the region of Bern, Dimitri Chryssolouris,
Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Department of Life Sciences and Facility Management, Institute for Environment and Natural Resources (in German).

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