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Targeted school support

Our transcultural integration concept is based on the idea of empowerment: on the motivation of the participants to develop through profitable employment and through goal-oriented education in a self-determining way.

For us, a holistic support includes not only the integration measures provided by the regular structures (external schooling), but also the learning of work and job-related technical language and rules of conduct. Our goal is to offer an internal supplementary school program. With targeted school-based vessels and professional coordination of the individual's learning progress, we want to additionally increase our participants' chances of success in finding a permanent job or completing a vocational apprenticeship.

«Mwalimu» means «teacher» in Swahili. We use the term to represent our attitude of incorporating the knowledge and experience of migrants in the implementation of our projects. Thus, in addition to volunteers, more experienced program participants should also pass on their learned knowledge to others as

Once our program participants have reached the final stage of their professional and social integration (
EmancipAID), we would like to provide them with an additional accompanying person: The «Rafiki» (Swahili for «friend»), who can be contacted with questions and concerns regarding the personal follow-up solution in the first labor market.

If you are interested in volunteering to teach a support class to a group of our program participants or being a Rafiki to someone, please feel free to contact us.

The project is being implemented with the kind support of the funding program «ici. gemeinsam hier.».

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