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BeeTEAM - Spring awakening for our bees

You have already learned that the In-Limbo project has become the independent non-profit organization Root & Branch. Another joyful news is that the former In-Limbo bee school will live on in our BeeTEAM specialist group!

Due to the changes in the asylum and refugee sector of the Canton of Bern, the In Limbo Bee School also had to say goodbye to the training site in Büren an der Aare. Therefore, we have recently moved the beehive to a protected piece of forest on the upper reaches of the Emme. Here our bees have awakened from their winter dormancy with the first warming rays of sunshine - and have set off on their cleaning flight.

In the coming weeks, our BeeTEAM will have to invest many more working hours in the renovation of the wagon. Wind and weather have taken their toll on it over the last few years. The rotten wooden walls have to be replaced and the roof has to be repaired. The first thing we have to do is to create a foundation in the slope so that the wagon can stand horizontally.

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