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Neophyte management in Kleinhöchstetten

Once again this year, our GreenTEAM is in action on behalf of the Nature Promotion Department of the Canton of Bern in the fight against the spread of invasive neophytes. In a nature reserve in Kleinhöchstetten we were asked to remove the invasive Canadian goldenrod (Solidago canadensis).

Due to the persistent bad weather and the location of the nature reserve near the Aare river, the GreenTEAM could only start its work in August - the vegetation was partly more than one meter under water. On the sun-exposed sites, some of the goldenrod stands were already in bloom. To avoid seed formation, the buds had to be removed and disposed of. In the moist soils, the stems including roots and stolons could be pulled out fairly easily.

The tall and golden-yellow flowering neophyte, which was introduced from Canada and the USA as an ornamental plant and bee pasture, is one of the most widespread invasive plants in Switzerland. It spreads rapidly and over a wide area via its flying seeds and underground rhizomes, displacing native plant species and thus damaging natural biodiversity.

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