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On the Roof with Ahmed & Yowhannes

Ahmed Abdulaahi and Yowhannes Mhreteab have completed their 2-month internship at Planeco as part of the Refugees go Solar+ industry qualification program. During today's visit, we tackled with Planeco the different connection solutions of the two.

Under the guidance of our RGS+ uncles Sami Osman and Mohammed Suleyman, who have already become valuable team members as solar technicians, Abdulaahi and Mhreteab have done a top job.

For Mhreteab, a family man who already has solar experience, his rooftop career will continue at hourly wages until he completes his industry qualification and hopefully secures a permanent position.

Young Abdulaahi will prepare for a vocational apprenticeship next year by continuing his schooling while he continues to work within our EmancipAID program for Planeco and other companies.

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