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Pilot to employ our GreenTEAM crew in the off-season.

Developing a realistic follow-up solution for our program participants is one of the five key pillars of Root & Branch's inclusion concept.

While we have been able to increase our Green Team's outreach during the season again this year, we are always looking for employment opportunities for our program participants during the off-season.

With this in mind, we launched a pilot project with Fankhauser Gemüse, where three of our EmanicpAID participants and GreenTEAM employees - Yahia Maruan, Daniel Hagos, and Girmazghi Asfaha - prepared celery and beetroot for the Swiss vegetable producer.

Although many workers from Eastern Europe work seasonally in Switzerland, especially in vegetable cultivation, the three were convincing with their work commitment. "Usually our people do this job, but we just had a bigger order and were glad for the extra help. The men did a very good job," says Ueli Fankhauser.

Our goal is to gain a foothold in vegetable processing in the off-season with our guided and mobile GreenTEAM and thus guarantee year-round employment for our more than 30 participants.

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