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Reverse parking? No problem!

Our draft cattle Elly has learned to reverse park. This will be important so that we can maneuver her accurately when we hitch up a machine.

Soon Elly will make her first "real" field debut: If we can find a light harrow, we will use Elly to harrow the meadows on Wingey in the coming weeks, leveling the mouse mounds that have formed over the winter.

Elly macht grosse Fortschritte in ihrer Ausbildung zur Zug-Kuh. Elly hat sich schnell daran gewöhnt, dass da etwas hinter ihr hertrottet und die Zugstränge in der Kurve ihre Beine berühren.

In the meantime Milou walks more calmly on the halter. It's about time, because he is getting stronger and stronger and therefore harder to lead.

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