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Taster days Refugees go Solar+

They come from Turkey, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Syria. They are economists, shoemakers, policemen, high-voltage electricians, high school teachers, soldiers, carpet weavers or have left their home country directly after school. As different as the origin and professional background of our Refugees-go-Solar+ candidates may be - they are all highly motivated to leave social welfare in the long run by getting a job in the first labor market.

Last week, as part of the pre-selection for the RGS+ program, we held again taster days with the prospect of a professional internship in the solar industry. Our transcultural vocational trainers accompanied eleven candidates, who were able to get an insight into the work as a solar mechanic at partner companies. This time the companies RESiQ, Convoltas, b + s Elektro Telematik, Paul Gugler AG, Wyder AG, Planeco and eConnect were involved.

Following the taster days, the one-week introductory course will be held this week with our partner Solafrica at TecLab in Burgdorf. Here, the prospective interns will be introduced to the basics of solar technology, occupational safety and the rights and obligations as future employees before finally starting a two-month company internship.

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