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The potatoes are thriving, the weeds too, only Elly doesn't give a hoot

At the beginning of the week we hilled up the potatoes with the draft horse of a farmer friend, because our Elly was not at all in the mood for it and almost ran off. Our draft cow is in heat right now, which was probably the reason for her reluctance. Let's just hope that she will be in a better mood for her next mission 😉.

Since the ridges did not all become parallel when we planted our potatoes, the hilling result was not perfect everywhere. Daniel Hagos and Joana Ryser, our project manager for draught cattle and GreenTeam specialist, therefore had to do some manual adjustments.

The Eritrean Daniel Hagos participates in our program EmanicpAID and works in the specialist group GreenTEAM, where he will soon assume a function as team leader. Thanks to an additional RGS+ training (Refugees go Solar+), Daniel Hagos has also found a part-time position as Solar Installer.

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