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Programme und Angebote Root & Branch


Root & Brand offers six customized services for the inclusion and repatriation of the long-term unemployed within its Dual-Intent, Inclusion and Return programs. A brief overview.

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Dual Intend

InitiAID and EducAID

With InitiAID and EducAID, the Dual-Intent program continues the long-standing achievements of the predecessor project In-Limbo as a day structure and employment offer.

Dual-Intent means that the offers are designed for long-term integration in Switzerland, the Dublin country of departure, the country of origin or a safe third country. Both offers serve as a first point of contact with the working culture and the national languages of Switzerland.


ParticipAID and EmacipAID

In the Inclusion program, ParticipAID forms a safety net in the first labor market in Switzerland. ParticipAID was designed primarily for people under the responsibility of the RAV (Regional Employment Centers) who are able to enter the labor market but are difficult to place. ParticipAID also provides access to the industry qualification programs in our Inclusion network, the so-called FastRunner programs.

EmancipAID is a follow-up offer to promote inclusion in the local labor market and social system for people whose sustainable integration can be optimized through continuous support from Root & Branch in the three learning venues (company, school and inter-company courses (ÜK)).

Return assistance

RepatriAID and IntegrAID

The program Return includes the offers RepatriAID and IntegrAID. These participatory offers are designed with a transcultural approach and are subsequently further developed, expanded and implemented.

The program aims to increase the chances of professional reintegration of persons willing or obliged to leave the country in a Dublin state, in the country of origin or in a safe third country.

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The program structure of Root & Branch is linked to the dual vocational education system in Switzerland (VET). We consider this globally unique education system as a guarantee of success for a needs-oriented and sustainable professional integration of long-term unemployed, especially refugees and late-arrivals in Switzerland, or for their sustainable reintegration into the work processes in their country of origin or a safe third country.

Program structure
Admission procedure


Registration procedure and process flow of vocational inclusion in the tiered programs EducAID, ParticipAID and EmancipAID.

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