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Refugees go Solar+


Aiming high

Withe the «Refugees go Solar+» (RGS+) program, Root & Branch and Solafrica, together with partners from the business and social sectors and the regional employment agency (RAV), support the labor market integration of refugees.

Through on-the-job training based on the three learning locations principle of the Swiss dual vocational education and training system (VET), refugees are given a realistic chance to secure a long-term professional follow-up solution in the first labor market with our partner companies.

A pre-apprenticeship offers young refugees in particular a promising entry into the Swiss vocational education and training system. Older persons receive a certificate of achievement through the industry qualification program RGS+, which should enable them to find a job in the first labor market in the long term.

The transregional inclusion network of solar companies, suppliers and parent organizations is also intended to increase the chances of sustainable professional integration of persons willing or obliged to leave the country in a Dublin state, the country of origin or a safe third country with the help of transnational industry qualification and cross-border recruitment.

The RGS+ project is being implemented with the support of the
Volkart Foundation and the Mercator Switzerland Foundation, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (BfE) and the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM).

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